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Friday 25th June comments: The seabird breeding season on the Isle of May is at its peak now as almost all seabirds now have young whilst some have already fledged but many have only just hatched! As a quick round-up, this is where we stand with the colonies on the island…

On the cliffs the first jumpling Guillemot and Razorbills have gone (their fathers have taken the chicks far out to sea so as a result these birds have finished their breeding season on the Isle of May). Over the next few weeks more and more will make the leap of faith and gaps on the colonies will be noticeable. Elsewhere the European Shags have fledged young with family parties lingering around the cliffs, as they will do for the rest of the summer. However the small Cormorant colony appears to be doing with cicks now appearing but are some way off fledging stage yet. As for the cliff nesting Kittiwakes, theyhave just started the job of raising young so plenty of activity in those areas.

On the island top, the Puffins are frantically feeding young (all Puffins now have young) whilst the same applies to our two nesting tern species; Arctic and Common which are feeding youngsters. The vast majority of Eider ducks have departed with small young although a few late nesters can still be found. The large Gulls are all at chick stage with the first fledglings due in early July. And that just leaves the Fulmars which take an age to incubate their single egg so young won’t start hatching until early July with the chicks fledging in late August.

So it is all go on the colonies and next week on the blog we’ll be focusing on behind the scenes, as we show you what goes on at this time of year and all the hard work which goes into a seabird season from the reserve managers, volunteers, researchers and work parties. Its all go…

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