World Seabird Day

A young Arctic tern chick
Doing well so far…
Adult with chick

Saturday 3rd July comments: As we celebrate World Seabird Day we thought we’d bring you an update on the world’s longest distant bird migrants; our Arctic Terns. These birds winter off the pack ice of the Antarctic and nest on predator free islands like the Isle of May on the east coast of Scotland.

Although we’ve counted this year’s population we are waiting to finalise a few points before releasing the total. However the breeding season itself is (so far and fingers crossed) going well with plenty of chicks hatching and well on their way to fledging. If we continue with good food supply and favourable weather, we will hopefully have another good breeding season but we are not there yet.  

Watching the chick grow on a daily basis, it’s hard to believe that these youngsters will follow their parents south in just a few months time and take on one of the longest bird journeys on the planet. Full respect goes to our Arctic terns, such impressive birds.

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