Dolphin display

Tuesday 6th July comments: The Isle of May is a special place for wildlife at any time of the year but the summer months can be spectacular as the place is covered in thousands and thousands of seabirds. However it’s not just the island as the surrounding seas are teaming with wildlife, just as today’s visitors will testify.

Despite the poor weather start to the day (we had rain), the boats departing from Anstruther, Fife, were rewarded with two pods of Bottle-nosed Dolphins which showed extremely well around the boat as the photos above show (often jumping out of the water). These images were taken by May Princess crew member and keen photographer Ed Thomson and thanks to him for sharing these great shots.

As we are now into the summer months its well worth watching the seas on a trip over as August is a good time for Minke Whales and who knows what else may be seen. The Firth of Forth currently has a Sei whale which was seen nearby yesterday so anything is possible!

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