On the wing!

Friday 9th July comments; How quick they grow up. It doesn’t seem that long ago when the first Arctic Tern chicks were hatching and here we are now reporting the first flyers. Across the island tern colonies plenty of young are present (we are heading towards a good year) and now we have the first few flying youngsters.

Once over, the world seemed such a big place for these young Arctic Terns hiding away in vegetation waiting for their parents to return with food. However now they can fly they can follow their parents and learn how to fend for themselves (there is no escape for mother or father now!) It’s great to see and as our daily visitors arrive on the island, they are in the thick of the action with lots of tern young using the open jetty area to sit around. The numbers have yet to be crunched but it appears (on the face of it) as another reasonable year for the terns of the Isle of May which is important for the island and the overall species population.

It’s hard to believe that these young will follow their parents to the Antarctic over the next few months, so once they are strong enough to fly, they’ll be heading south and away for another year. The world of the Arctic Tern is as incredible as it sounds, the world’s longest distant bird migrant will be leaving soon and we wish them all safe journeys.

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