Migration season

Tuesday 31st August comments: The Isle of May is internationally important for its breeding seabird assemblage and its Grey Seal nurseries in the autumn. However did you know it is important for migratory birds as well? At this time of year, we experience a high influx of migrant birds as they are very much on the move!

Migration in autumn is one of the much anticipated calendar events of the island as thousands of birds will use the place as a refuelling stop (plenty of food), safe place to roost (no ground predators) and a resting area before travelling on their way. Birds will be coming in from Scandinavia escaping the cold winter weather such as Redwings, Fieldfare and even Blackbirds. However there will be outgoing birds as well including several warbler species and chats all heading south to more warmer climes. The autumn months bring more birds than spring because it is not just adults on the move but also juveniles experiencing migration for the first time.

Looking at the weather charts, it might be good early next week for large arrivals on the May and as ever we’ll keep you posted. It also shows the importance of the island as its not just a place for seabirds, but Grey Seals, and even migrant birds. The Isle of May will never cease to amaze and it’s impressive what you can see and it will no doubt bring many more highlights in the future.

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