Record Pinks!

Friday 24th September comments: Well we told you that the Geese were moving but we didn’t realise on such an epic scale. Over the previous week birds have obviously been blocked by prevailing winds on their summering grounds stopping them from migrating from Iceland and beyond to winter areas in the U.K, but yesterday the winds encouraged them to move (they had a tail wind) and boy did they move…

All across Scotland and northern England including at our neighbouring NNR’s at Tentsmuir and Loch Leven, Pink-footed Geese were reported in huge numbers. People were witnessing these movements at lots of coastal sites but also inland, as birds could be seen and heard flying over. It’s a brilliant sight and sound as they head into the U.K. for the winter and for many this is the sound of autumn, migrating Geese on the move.

However here on the Isle of May we went one better and over the course of the day we logged 10,795 Pink-footed Geese in numerous skeins as the moved south-west over the island. Not surprising, this is a new record for the island and just shows what can and will happen on migration. The natural world is an amazing thing…

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