FIRST Seal Pup!

Pictures above show one of last year’s young pups with mum!

Tuesday 28th September comments: At last we have a Grey Seal Pup! We are celebrating the great news that the first seal pup of the autumn has been born and is fine and well. The pup was discovered this morning down the east side of the island on Rona and is slightly later than the first born dates of recent decade. Regardless the mum is in close attendance and it’s the start of many more to come over the next few months.

Young Grey Seal pups remain with their mothers for 20-21 days suckling on milk before they moult and become independent so we’ll keep an eye on this individual and report back as it grows. The Isle of May is a hugely significant Grey Seal nursery; one of the biggest in the UK with over 2,500 pups born annually. The first pups are born at this time of year with a peak in early November before the last pup is born in mid-December.

So here we go, another seal season has started and its wonderful news for this important national nature reserve.

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