Thank-you Roy

Monday 4th October comments: The Isle of May is an amazing place for wildlife, an amazing place to live and work and an amazing place to see wildlife. During the course of a season, many different people make up the important wider team who help deliver the success that the place has. From the NatureScot staff both on and off the island, bird observatory teams and committee, various researcher teams and not forgetting the vital contractors who help make this place tick. As part of this wider team we also have the various boat companies who bring the thousands of visitors to us from April-September, from the ticket hut operators, guides and the important skippers of the boats..

Yesterday we said goodbye to an Isle of May starlet of nine years, as Roy Giles has decided to hang up lifejacket and head off for early retirement. Roy has been skipper of the trusty Osprey rib boat throughout the last decade and as well as day visitors, he was the vital supply line for the island who brought the various groups on in all-weather from staff to contractors. He literally brought everything on including the kitchen sink in his time. Roy has been a massive support and friend of the island and without him we’d have struggled to say the least.

So as a mark of thanks, we took to Anstuther yesterday and celebrated his great years and although Roy is moving on, he’ll not be a stranger and is already talking about visiting next year. Thank you Roy for everything you did and we look forward to seeing much more of you in the future.  

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