Seal season underway

Our second seal pup of the season just born today
Finding its way in life
and enjoying the sun
but mum is not very far away

Wednesday 6th October: The Isle of May is slowly and surely changing as the number of Grey Seal pups has trebled (from one to three ha ha). The youngsters are looking well, with attentive mothers looking after their new-born.

The Isle of May will gradually transform over the next few weeks as we have seen off the seabird season, visitors have stopped coming (we closed our doors on 30th September) and now it is seal season. The island is home to thousands of seals from now until the end of December with an expected 2,500 pups will be born. It is one of the most significant Grey seal nurseries in the British Isles and it is important we reduce disturbance and let them get on with their daily lives of raising young.

Young seal pups will stay with their mums for 18-21 days as they feed on their mothers milk. Its certainly a interesting time and as ever we’ll be bringing you all the stories from the seal nurseries over the next few months as things are just getting started.

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