A skulky Radde’s Warbler (Keith Morton)

Thursday 7th October comments: never rule out the Isle of May. We’ve had a quiet autumn so far by our standards and have yet to produce anything noticeably significant in the way of a rare migrant bird…until today!

Just after  13:00 news broke that a Radde’s Warbler (pictured above, taken by Keith Morton) had been found along Holymans Road on the east side of the island. All island residents soon arrived and were enjoying good but brief views as the skulking warbler enjoyed feeding in the base of the bushes. It’s the 10th record of Radde’s Warbler on the Isle of May and the sixth to have been discovered between 3rd-10th October. Other recent records have occurred in 2019, 2016 and 2013). These birds are from the taiga forests of Siberia and winter in south-east Asia but remain a real rare bird to the U.K.

So at long last we have something to shout out about as migration has been slow but with another month or so of the migration period to go, anything is possible as after all, this is the Isle of May…

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