Little Jack

You cant see me, right? Well yes we can…
Jack Snipe on the waters edge

Tuesday 12th October comments: It’s fair to say it has been a slow migratory season on the island this autumn with a handful of noteworthy birds and small numbers of common migrants. However today we experienced a flurry of action as the winds switched to the east (the most favoured winds for bringing in migrants) and sure enough, good numbers of irds arrived.

One of the most noticeable was the arrival of Jack Snipe, a species which breeds in the wet meadows, tundra and marshes of Russia and Northern Europe during the summer. However at this time of year, they move south and west to escape the cold harsh winters, with many arriving in the U.K. However there small size (much smaller than Common Snipe), cryptic camouflage and secretive nature make them difficult to find and see…unless you are on a small coastal island.  

Today we had up to 36 (and probably more)which represents a new island record breaking the previous record of 30. When you see a flock of 12 on one pool, you know you have plenty of birds in! It’s been a good day to see them as the photographs show above and we’ll tell you more tomorrow of the exciting day we experienced. It’s never dull…

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