Sleepy Seals

Thursday 14th October comments: the wind has been blowing from the west, with waves crashing against the seacliffs and very little movement in terms of bird migration. however the isle of may is stirring into life as the grey Seal season is slowly maneuvering itself to be centre stage.

Acround the island the number of Grey Seals has increased considerably since the summer months, as we’ve gone from a handful of animals up to 800+ so far and this increasing. Amongst these we have had the early pupping pioneers as some of the main colonies now have their first pups. New born were sighted today on Rona, Pilgrims Haven and Burnett’s Leap amongst other hot spots. Its great to see heavily pregnant mothers up on the island and to ensure they remain completely disturbed free. Their habits, just like the pups are pretty much to sleep, but we all know this will change as time goes by.

In a few weeks times the island will be heaving and Grey Seals; with cows, bulls and pups littered across this place and as usual we’ll bring you the stories as they break. The Grey Seal colonies of the east coast are just stirring and it’s one of wonders of nature at this time of year.

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