Thank You Bex

Saturday 16th October comments: Time moves on (even island time) and it’s that time of year when we take a step closer to closing the doors for the winter months. Today witnessed another step in that direction as Bex has departed for the winter as holidays and a well-earned break is in order. As assistant reserve manager Bex has been living and working on here since March and this is the end of her eighth season on the Isle of May (yes 8!) It’s some achievement, in fact Bex has now become the longest serving member of NatureScot staff on the island in its history.

It’s a sad day to see Bex depart as she is a linchpin of the Isle of May as her dependable hard work and well organised nature ensures the national nature reserve operates smoothly as she deals with such a variety of tasks as part of her day-to-day job. Work can be as exciting as the science of counting cliff nesting seabirds or ringing Arctic Terns but can also be very mundane such as fixing toilet door handles or lifting timber off a boat. Bex is an unsung hero of the Isle of May and we thank her for everything she has done this season (we couldn’t do it without her!)

We hope Bex enjoys her well-earned break and a big thank-you from all for your support, hard work and friendship over the past eight months and suspect you won’t be a stranger to these parts.  Thanks again Bex go have a well-earned break.

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