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Friday 26th November comments: It’s late November and we’ve had a fairly settled spell of weather over the last month or so but that is all about to change… say hello to storm Arwen. It’s about time I rolled out the phrase of batten down the hatches, theirs a storm brewing…

Today forecasters are predicting a serious storm from the north as a deep low-pressure system is hitting the east coast of the U.K. and is expected to bring winds of up to 75 m.p.h. The Met office have issued an amber wind warning for parts of the north-east of England with a red warning in east of Scotland including the Isle of May. Thankfully there are no human residence on the island at present but with seas predicted at reaching high tide surge heights of 7metres (the extreme is usually 6m) then this is going to cause some issues.

One thing is for sure, the Isle of May will be battered and bruised over the last 24 hours and the vulnerable wildlife will be at risk. Seal pups must remain out of the sea at this crucial stage as the shear brute strength of the North Sea would result in certain death for the youngsters. Thankfully the Grey Seal colonies are relatively protected and mums will ensure their pups are safe, we hope so fingers crossed the damage is limited and the storm will quickly pass.

As for everyone else, if you live near or are visiting the east coast in the next 24 hours, then please be careful, stay safe and stay away from the sea, just admire from afar.

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