…and some negative news

Friday 3rd December comments: Well we certainly won’t forget Storm Arwen in a hurry as people are still counting the cost and damage to their properties since the storm swept through last Friday (and sorry to hear that some people are still without power in some areas, one week after the event).

On the Isle of May our real concern was for the Grey Seal colonies, especially the new born pups and we were relieved to see that the majority were safe and well (they know best!) However as expected the island itself suffered damage as there was no hiding from the storm, especially on the north side of the island. As winds touched gusts of almost 100mph, there isn’t much to shelter the Isle of May so it took the full brunt of the storm.

As a result we’ve had various structural damage to buildings from slates off roofs, to solar panels being moved around. Thankfully nothing too serious and with time, we can replace and repair. One of the most impressive things to happen was the loss of a large water tank lid, which was bolted down but was still blown away, never to be seen again! Other damage was noted to the various Heligoland traps (bird ringing traps) and even some of the Elder bushes had been uprooted, but thankfully we don’t have trees to worry about. So the winter months might be a little bit more busy than we anticipated, but overtime, we’ll be on the road to recovery and repair. Let’s just hope we don’t have a repeat.

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