Slumber land

Wednesday 8th December comments: Once again the storm has eased and we are pleased to report that the damage was not as severe as Storm Arwen. We are now entering the end game for the island for the year as the seal colonies are now starting to reduce in size as successful mums are returning to the open sea whilst second-coat pups are discovering life as independent seals.

Over the next few weeks the last of the seal pups will be born but as we reach Christmas, the Isle of May nature calendar will be complete. We have seen the rise and fall of the seabird breeding season, the excitement of the migration season and action packed seal season. However the island is heading into a slumber as it is almost dormant season, as the island will become quiet in January and February. The wildlife on the island at that time of year is limited with a handful of over-wintering wrens and robins, whilst several Short-eared Owls taking advantage of the resident mice and a scattering seabirds will roost on the rocky outcrops. The vegetation will recover from the hectic season whilst the islands rabbits will eke out an existence.  

However even this quiet spell doesn’t last for long, as spring will be around the corner and we will be looking to start all over again… its never dull and who’s with me? Isle of May 2022 here we come…

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