Here we go again…

Wednesday 5th January comments: Welcome back and welcome to a New Year. We hope everyone has had an enjoyable, peaceful and relaxing festive period and looking forward to the New Year ahead (have you noticed it’s now staying daylight after 4pm?)

So this is where it all starts. The planning, the timings, the purchasing of equipment, the sorting and the packing and everything else that goes into a new season has now officially started. It’ll be another three months before we move back onto the Isle of May for the season but we have a lot to achieve before then. We’ll be visiting the island over the next two months and as usual bringing you all the news and stories as they develop and break.

As for the island itself, it will slowly wake up from its winter dormancy as the seabirds will gradually return and the spring will be well on its way. So here we go again, time to wake up and smell the guano, the Isle of May is about to get started, you heard it here first. Lets bring on the 2022 season.    

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