Dolphin Delight

Sunday 1st May comments: The start of a new month and what a start it was. The sun was shining, the seas were flat, the birds performed and visitors were even treated to the delight of some Bottle-nosed Dolphins and a Minke Whale.

The North Sea is a rich and vibrant place full of life and the May experience starts the minute you set sail from the harbours of Fife and Lothian. Today all the boats were treated to the delight of a small pod of Bottle-nosed Dolphins which showed extremely well alongside the boats. The boat operators are very experienced amongst cetaceans having had many encounters with them whilst they have also completed the UK’s national training scheme for minimising disturbance to marine wildlife (so we know the cetaceans are in safe company).

As a result the Dolphins were seen well alongside the boats before moving on, ensuring visitors has a great start to the trip. Later in the day a Minke Whale was also sighted. These encounters show what you can see on a wildlife cruise to the Isle of May and if you’ve never been, you are certainly missing out…

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