Tuesday 3rd May comments: Well we did say that you never know what you might see on a trip to the Isle of May and oh boy did yesterday deliver for a select few visitors… in the form of a Humpback Whale!!!

As one of the visitor boats was approaching the island a large Humpback Whale surfaced nearby and circled the boat before moving on. The photographs above were taken by skipper Simon Chapman, showing just how close the animal was and what great views the people had (we were very jealous). In recent years Humpback’s have started over-wintering in the Firth of Forth although this was only the third record in the last eight years from the island.

The majestic beast performed well before moving on and comes hot on the heels of our first Minke Whale of the season. The Isle of May seas are certainly worth watching and lets hope our special visitor returns for all to see.

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