Tern Conservation

Saturday 7th May comments: Although we often showcase out breeding seabirds, amazing Grey seal colonies and everything else that goes on, on the Isle of May, we don’t often bring you the stories behind the scenes about the work that goes in.

Today we welcomed a team from Niras LTS International who visited the island to help with all the preparation work for the forthcoming Tern nesting season. Our Arctic and Common Terns have only just returned, but the larger numbers have yet to arrive so we took the opportunity to sort all the habitat and specialist tern terraces out. The team helped move sand to the terraces, install fencelines, hides and even placed out the nest boxes ready for the season. This is important conservation work which will benefit the terns on their arrival in the forthcoming weeks.

It’s hard work, plenty to be done but with a great team like today, you can achieve a lot. This is one of many examples of work which goes on behind the scenes and throughout the season we’ll bring you more stories like this including the researchers and all there work on the island and the conservation we do for other species. It all happens on the Isle of May!

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