Eider Crèche

Friday 3rd June comments: As the breeding season continues, we have seen the number of female Eiders increase with ducklings and the crèches getting larger and larger. A number of females are now together with youngsters galore especially on the islands small loch.

Female Eiders nest all over the Isle of May, sometimes on pathways (so you have to watch your feet when walking) and generally have a clutch of 4-6 eggs. Females will sit tight on the nest for the entire duration of the incubation period but within 24 hours of them hatching, will take the young to sea. Birds will form large crèches as young and adults from a multitude of nests will just mix as young grow bigger and stronger as they head towards independence. The Loch is an excellent home for the youngsters to take their first swim, with no strong currents or swell with plenty of females around to provide protection.

So it’s an exciting time around the island and plenty more to follow as these Eider ducks are on the march and so far so good.

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