Seabird update

Friday 17th June comments: Avian flu is present in the Firth of Forth, mainly in the Northern Gannet population and we will keep you updated with regards to the Isle of May seabirds, but today we thought we would concentrate on the positives.

The seabird season is advancing by the day and plenty has been going on. Up on the cliffs it’s still action packed as we now have both Guillemot and Razorbill young, so its busy times. European Shags have been nesting since late march so some chicks are almost ready to fledge, whilst a few are still incubating eggs; its always a protracted breeding season for these delightful cliff nesters. The small Cormorant colony appears to be doing well with plenty of medium-sized chicks

On the island top, thousands of Puffin chicks have now hatched so adults are busy on foraging trips as the skies are full with flying Puffins. The Terns now have young but will still peck an unsuspecting visitors head whilst Fulmars are still incubating eggs; it’ll be early July before their chicks hatch. Elsewhere Oystercatchers have young chicks and Eider ducks are starting to reduce in number as successful mothers are taking their young to form big creches out in the open sea.

As ever it’s a busy place with thousands of seabirds nesting and plenty of hungry mouths to feed. The daily activities of a seabird colony are impressive to watch and if you get the opportunity to visit, come out and see the island for yourself as you will not be disappointed.

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