Thank You for the Support

Friday 1st July comments: This is just a short blog post to thank everyone for their continued support and help.

It’s certainly been a few hectic weeks as seabirds find themselves in turmoil following the spread of avian influenza. As a result we have closed the island but we have had some incredible backing and support from a lot of people regarding the decision to temporary close the island. Locally it hasn’t been easy for our local businesses as our boat operators are paying a heavy price (especially just coming off the back of two Covid years) but thank you to Alex, Rab, Alan and Colin for unwavering support and understanding at such a crucial time. The boat teams are an important part of the island family and we thank all the teams involved. We will be back.

Elsewhere our friends at the Scottish Seabird Centre have been as supportive as ever whilst Ciaran (St.Abbs Head) and Maggie (Bass Rock) have been brilliant in sharing information and keeping us in the loop. Within NatureScot the team behind the scenes of Emma, Caroline and Susan have been working tirelessly whilst on the island the staff and volunteers who have been dealing with the daily changes and keeping everyone together in difficult times have been tremendous. We also thank those at the bird observatory as once again they close (they were closed during the Covid outbreak) and the support they have shown. Thank you to everyone involved, it’s good to have that level of support and togetherness.

Whilst we appreciate not everyone will agree with the decision to close, we feel it’s the right move under the current circumstance and we have to remember that the birds welfare comes first. The decision to close will continue to be reviewed but until then we’ll be blogging regular updates to keep you all informed of the latest news and developments.

Also don’t forget, if you wish to support the local boat operators, although they can’t land on the island they will be making daily trips around the isle to show off the spectacular wildlife. For further details see their respective websites:

May Princess (sailing from Anstruther):

Osprey (sailing from Anstruther):

Seabird Centre (sailing from North Berwick):

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