Extreme Times

Monday 18th July comments: Today the country has been baking with some areas reporting temperatures as high as the late 30’s and early 40’s (which is ridiculous!) The island has been no different as the sun has been beating down and the sea state as flat as you can get it as the lack of any wind is making the temperature feel even higher.

However can you remember the extremes? Back in March 2018 we had the ‘Beast from the East’ which hit us on the Isle of May and dropped a lot of snow, a very rare event for the island. The photos above were taken during that week in late February/early March 2018 and we’ve compared them directly with the same views as of today… a very noticeable different, probably thirty degrees difference! Its impressive to compare and remember what it was like when the island was full of snow compared with today’s crazy high temperatures.

We are certainly living in unprecedented times when it comes to changes in our climate and these extremes in the weather are becoming more and more regular…

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