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Saturday 23rd July comments: After yesterday appearance on the BBC Breakfast show, our Reserve Manager David Steel has been kept busy as he has helped create a podcast with our friends at the Scottish Ornithologists Club (SOC).   

The SOC exists to promote the study, enjoyment and conservation of wild birds and their habitats across Scotland. It has 15 local branches across Scotland, over 3,000 members and it brings together like-minded individuals with a passion for birds, nature and conservation. You can find out more about the SOC at their Website:

As for podcasts, they are readily available and can cover all topics as people can record a series of digital audio files and make them available for downloading or listening. Mark lewis the Birding and Science Officer for the SOC has created a new podcast series called ‘Some Ornithological Chat’ and the first of the new series features an interview with our reserve manager David Steel.

Mark and David chat about the devastating avian influenza currently hitting our seabirds and the species it is effecting the most but also some optimism for the future. After David chats to Mark about his best birding advice, what he would do if he had a time machine, the next ‘first’ for Scotland (next new bird to be seen in Scotland) and what goes into his birding room 101… its well worth a listen.    

So if you have a spare 30 minutes driving the car or chilling in the garden, take a listen to the podcast, the first in the series and the links to the Podcast:

Spotify link:

Acast link:

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