Falcon Fantastic

One of two fledged Peregrine chicks off the Isle of May this year (Chris Cachia-Zammit)

An adult Peregrine on the May

Saturday 30th July comments: As usual it has been an interesting summer on the Isle of May and whilst we have had a rollercoaster of a journey for several seabird species, we are delighted to announce that we have had Peregrines successfully nest.

As expected Peregrines were resident throughout the winter months with 1-2 still present in late March. However it’s usually at this time of year when they disappear for the summer before eventually returning in August. But not this year. A pair remained with displaying and courtship noted and it became increasingly obvious that a pair were nesting and this was confirmed when a bird was seen attending a nest with two eggs. Over the next two months, two chicks hatched and in early July, both individuals fledged which was the first confirmed breeding since 2014. 

The history of the species is very chequered on the Isle of May as confirmed breeding in 2008 was the first since at least two young fledged in 1929 (yes a staggering 81 years between successes). Since then further breeding attempts (with mixed results) have occurred annually from 2009-2014 but nothing since. However that all changed this season and we are delighted to have this wonderful raptor nesting on our shores.

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