Summer Time

Thursday 11th August comments: Like many places, the weather on the island has been hot and dry and this has brought a huge splash of colour to the island as large numbers of Butterflies have been arriving or emerging in recent weeks.

Flowering plants such as Thistle, Ragwort and Sea Campion attract a good array of butterflies across the Isle and species such as Small Tortishell, Small and large Whites, and Peacock are numerous whilst Painted Ladies and Wall butterfly’s are on passage. These important pollinators are on the move, some migrating whilst others are staying local to breed. This fuel stop on the Isle of May is vital for them and it’s great to see so many taking advantage of the nectar glut.

If you are visiting the Isle of May in the next few weeks, enjoy the impressive array of butterfly’s as the seabirds may have gone but if you look closely, there is plenty more to see than meets the eye. So make sure you visit to enjoy the fabulous Isle of May and its many hidden gems.

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