On the move…

Juvenile Wheatear (left) and Whinchat (right)

both Tree Pipits

Willow Warbler (left) and Pied Flycatcher (right)

Wednesday 24th August comments: It’s late August and things are getting exciting on the Isle of May as its migration season. At this time of year migrants birds have replaced our breeding seabirds as passerines are moving through, using the island as a vital stop-over.

Northern breeders such as Wheatears, Whinchats and warblers are currently moving south with more to arrive over the next few weeks. However it won’t be long before we are welcoming back other birds such as Fieldfares, Blackbirds and Redwings as they start heading into the UK for the winter from breeding grounds in Scandinavia.

The Island at this time of year acts as one big service station, as birds stop off to refuel before heading on their way (to whichever part of the world they are heading). As well as usual arrivals, if the wind is in the east we can expect a few rarities along the way so stay tuned.

For more detailed news of bird migrants which are arriving, check out the islands bird observatory sightings page at: https://isleofmaybirdobs.org/bird-news/

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