Can’t see the wood for the trees…

Friday 26th August comments: Migration is underway as discussed in Wednesday’s blog and yesterday brought the first autumn surprise; a Treecreeper!

For many these will be very familiar birds which people will see in parks and gardens as this cryptic woodland dweller is fairly common across the British Isles…but not here. As an island we find woodland birds are rare and their occurrence is well received (this Treecreeper even got people running). Island birding is something very different as drift migrants such as Red-backed Shrike, Bluethroat, Icterine Warbler and Barred Warblers are almost annual visitors but we can’t say the same about woodland birds. To put it into context the last Blue and Great Tits recorded on here were as long ago as 2005 whilst there has only ever been one Magpie back in 1986!

So the appearance of this Treecreeper was most welcome but it must have found the island strange as we have no trees, so instead it was happy picking off insects off the walls of the buildings as seen in the photos. It just goes to show what is migrating out there and expect the unexpected. hopefully we’ll have plenty more interesting birds to report over the next few months.

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