Dry island

Thursday 1st September comments: As we welcome in the new month we are now discussing weather patterns in more detail as the weather on the Isle of May dictates our daily lives. We check to see if visitor boats are sailing, or if we can get on and off and even checking the latest weather systems to see if we have any potential for migrant birds arriving.

However we are also checking for one very important aspect of the weather; rain. The Isle of May is generally a dry place, and we can go months without any droplets of rain. As with many places this summer, we have had very little rain and that is starting to impact daily lives. We now have a restriction on water usage on the island as the main well is low whilst the island itself is showing signs of drought as seen from the photos above. Many of the main pathways are now just dusty tracks and the small water bodies dotted around the island have since dried up a long time ago.

So we really could do with a spot of rain and as we look at the forecast we notice some interesting developments this weekend but more on that later…

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