Marvelous Migrants

Cryptic visitor; a Wryneck surprisingly the first island record since 2016

Common Rosefinch – a new bird as the previous bird a few days ago was ringed!

Pied Flycatcher; over 40 arrived on the island today

Saturday 3rd September comments: We suspected it might happen as the forecasts were suggesting it, but sometimes these things never happen, but it did today. The island was blasted by an easterly wind and as a result the boat were cancelled due to the rough seas. However one silver lining is that migrant birds have been arriving throughout the day with some noteiable rarer species involved as well.

The island was fairly quiet early morning but by mid-morning birds were arriving and gradually numbers increased. Overall over 40 Pied Flycatchers were counted, many showing well as they perched on the branches and walls around the isle. Other common migrants taking advantage to rest and feed included six Redstart, four Garden Warblers, Lesser Whitethroat amongst many others. However as the island does, we also pulled in some rare visitors.

In the Top lighthouse garden a Greenish Warbler was discovered, a rare visitor from the near-continent and the 21st to be seen on the island although the fifth in the last five years. In the north of the island a Wryneck (a member of the woodpecker family) was discovered on the artificial tree which showed well and was the first record since 2016! The other bird of note was a immature/female Common Rosefinch which was the second this week. For a complete list of all birds and totals, check out the Isle of May Bird Observatory bird news page (which will be update Sunday):

Overall its been a cracking day and with more easterly winds forecast, tomorrow might just bring even more. stay tuned…

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