Painting the Town Red

island birding… Redstart on the rocks

Wednesday 7th September comments: The wind has remained in the east and so the bird migrants have continued to arrive. This morning the vast majority of the Pied Flycatchers had departed overnight and on there way to southern wintering grounds. However these little pied masters were replaced by a splash of red… in the form of Redstarts. Over 25 arrived today in various plumages including several distinctive males, drifting into winter plumage.

Redstarts are summer visitors to the UK breeding in northern and western oakwoods but at this time of year they are departing these shores for wintering grounds further south. These birds are travelling to sub-Sahara Africa where they will spend the winter before returning next spring. Early September is peak migration season for these colourful visitors and today didn’t disappoint as the photos show with plenty scarttered across the Isle.

With yet more easterly winds forecast we suspect more birds will arrive and we’ll be featuring them on the blog as they arrive. It’s an exciting time on the island so keep tuning in to see what else we discover as its migration in action.

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