Siskins Galore!

Thursday 8th September comments: We continue the theme of migrant birds and highlighting a species which has arrived in good numbers. In the last six days the island has experienced a noticeable influx of Siskins (amongst other birds) and the source of these birds is probably from across the North Sea.

Despite being a widespread breeding species in the UK, they also migrate with large numbers arriving from the continent. With the recent easterly winds we suspect these birds are coming in from Europe. The flock first arrived on 3rd September with 38 over and the following day a large flock of 135 were present. Since then numbers have remained steady with 150 present yesterday afternoon.

The birds are feeding on the seed heads of common nettle and ragwort and with plenty of both available, its good feeding time. However it does not come without its dangers as the island is host to both Kestrels and Sparrowhawks, so these birds are being kept on their toes.  

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