Wednesday 14th September comments: They are back!! Yesterday marked a significant date in the diary as we witnessed our first noticeable arrival of Pink-footed Geese over the island, with 51 west calling away. If anyone has heard the call of wild geese as they arrive to winter in the UK then you’ll know what I mean, it’s a great sight and sound.

Pink-footed Geese breed in Iceland, Greenland and Swalbard and if conditions are right at this time of year, they start departing for wintering grounds in the UK. Aided by a north-westerly tail wind, they cross quickly and some will come down the east coast stopping off at well known Goose areas such as Strathbeg (Aberdeenshire), Montrose Basin (Angus) and Aberlady Bay (Lothian). Birds will winter in these area but many more will head further south to Northumberland with even bigger numbers in north Norfolk.

Over the next four weeks we expect to record thousands as they move into the UK and it’s an amazing spectacle to watch. So watch and listen as birds might be heading over you especially if you live in Scotland or along the east coast. Its just one of the joys of autumn and you can’t beat it. Welcome back geese!

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