Seal season soon upon us

Tuesday 20th September comments: Slowly and surely the number of Atlantic Grey Seals is increasing around the Isle of May and if you are visiting over the final few weeks of our season (the island closes at the end of September), you’ll certainly see more and more. But why?

The Isle of May is a hugely significant Grey Seal colony and young (called pups) are born on the island from late-September to mid-December. Adult females (called cows) use the island as a safe place to give birth and over 2,500 pups are born annually on the island. This represents one the largest colonies in the UK with other major east coast colonies including Fast Castle (Borders), Farne Islands (Northumberland), Donna Nook (Lincs) and the North Norfolk coast.

Interestingly the first Grey Seal pups are born in the SW of the UK in August and the pupping season goes clockwise around the UK with the first pups on Isle of May in mid-September finishing with the first born in Norfolk in mid-October. So seal season will soon be upon us and we’ll be bringing you all the news and views over the next few months, so stay tuned.

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