Monday 7th November comments: Bird migration is amazing. Today we’ve had yet more birds on the move through the island as over 2,000 Fieldfare were counted immigrating into the U.K. These large Scandinavian thrushes are leaving the far north behind as they escape the cold conditions to head to the U.K. to over-winter before returning next spring.

From first light this morning, small flocks were seen arriving in-off the North Sea, crossing the island and continuing on their journey towards the British mainland. It’s an amazing sight as these birds have crossed the 400 miles of North Sea and battle on regardless of weather as they head onwards. Some birds will stop briefly to refuel or rest but the majority move over and the flocks are counted giving us our overall day count.

It’s the first real arrival of Fieldfare over the island this autumn and it’s great to see. Plenty more will travel over the next few weeks and the wonders of migration never cease. This same arrival also brought in plenty of Woodcock, with the star of the show a Pallas’s Warbler; our third this autumn, all the way from Siberia. The Isle of May never disappoints. 

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