Mother Grey Seals blocking pups to stop the North Sea from claiming them

Mother Grey Seal pinning her pup in

Pups n serious trouble in the turbulent North Sea

Mother looking for her pup and the beach being hammered by the sea

Thursday 10th November comments: Brutal. Nature can be brutal sometimes and today was one of those days. Having had a peaceful autumn so far, the westerly wind cranked up and by mid-afternoon the gusts reached gale force and the heavy seas were battering the island. It’s never a good time to have a gale of wind as the small coves and shallow beaches on the west side of the island are prone to big waves and seas and are full of seal pups…

Sure enough with the onset of high tide, pups were been dragged in and tossed about the North Sea like ragdolls although it wasn’t all bad news. Some cow seals were pinning their pups in against the beaches to protect them (as you can see in the photos above) whilst others were moving them as far as possible up the island from the savage North Sea.

Without doubt we will have lost pups today off the west side nurseries but if we are looking for some comfort, the vast majority of the Isle of May colonies are safe, well protected and doing well. The small west lying beaches took the brunt today but this is nature, this is how populations are kept in balance and as mentioned, huge numbers of young are safe and sound.

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