Friday 11th November comments: Today things have been returning to normal on the Isle of May, well as normal as can be as I’m not sure too many people have Grey Seals and their pups moving in as neighbours and migrant birds galore arriving in their back gardens. Anyway after the turbulent day of yesterday, things have started to settle and life has continued on the seal colonies.

The cow Grey Seal which had brought its pup up to the accommodation building (reported on Wednesdays blog), eventually started heading down the road. To show just how relaxed the animals were around us, the mother stopped halfway down, rolled over and offered a tasty milk meal to its pup which it gladly accepted.

It’s a crazy world out here from start to finish as living amongst such amazing wildlife is both a privilege and an honour. The Isle of May is one very special place and if you have not already started to think about it, fancy visiting next season? We open our doors from 1st April and time will fly…

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