Seal change

How the island looked viewing from the visitor centre in mid-September…

And how it looks in early November…

Monday 14th November comments: The Isle of May Grey Seal colonies have certainly changed as it was little over six weeks ago that the first pups were being born and now the island is littered with them. The latest counts indicate over 1,000 pups have now been born and you can see the contrast in these photos, as those on the left were taken in mid-September and those on the right in early November.

As you can see the island has changed considerably from a seabird island to a Grey Seal island and as a result the jetties are closed to the visiting public to reduce disturbance at this crucial time of year. The seal season will go on until mid-December as over 2,000 pups will be born and there will be a lot of action between now and then. Large numbers of pups are being born daily but also bull seals are starting to arrive. We also have some pups leaving, as they have reached the independent age of 21 days (yes just 21 days old!) but more on that in another blog soon.

So there is the Isle of May at present, a heaving mass of seals and we’ll bring you more stories throughout the next month or so. It’s also been another interesting spell of bird migration which we’ll highlight very soon. It’s all go and you can never take your eyes off this place.  

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