Sunday 4th December comments:  Now we are into December the seal numbers on the Isle of May have started reducing as the season heads towards a close.

Many young pups will now be heading for independence as their mums have left them. After just 18-21 days, young pups start to moult their white fur and their once attentive mothers will abandon them for the open sea. At this young age the pups are on their own and they are officially independent (its a hard upbringing!) These pups are known as weaners and they’ll maraud around the island as they become familiar with their surroundings (just like young teenagers). As you would expect they do get short shift from adults but soon learn to keep out the way before eventually shuffling to the North Sea and freedom beckons.  

Although this may seem a tough start to life, it is also a successful one as the population of Grey Seals down the east coast has increased significantly over the last decade, so hopefully these young animals will return in future years to breed on colonies like the May. Nature is an amazing thing and to have this on your doorstep is just another reason why places like the isle of May are so special and so important.    

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