Season End

Friday 16th December comments: Well that’s it, the Isle of May season is officially finished. The last of the Grey Seals are preparing to leave, the researchers and reserve staff are complete and today we locked up the buildings and waved goodbye.

The seal colonies look empty and quiet and with the added rain of recent days these areas have become a muddy quagmire, something reassembling the battle of the Somme. However the final few pups have just been born so it will be into the new year before they finally depart. A small number of island passerine residents were noted including Robin, Wren and Blackbird but otherwise it’s quiet and we’ll now let the island sleep. Over the last week, we’ve certainly had a cold spell of weather and that showed with the snow on the boat and last week the islands loch was partially frozen, just showing you that even islands don’t escape the worst of it.  

So that’s it, the season is over and everyone involved with the island can rest up, take stock and prepare for next year as a new season is not far away and we’ll be welcoming back everyone and everything before you even know it. On the home front we’ll keep the blog going with news and stories so stay tuned and don’t go away. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey so far.

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