Visiting the May

Monday 6th February: We are now starting to prepare for a new season and we thought we’d bring you some of the best things to see and do on the Isle of May this spring. It’s just a flavour of what to expect and will get you in the mood for the new season which is less than two months away…  Here is the first three:

Enjoy a boat trip! The Isle of May National Nature Reserve is owened and managed by NatureScot and opens its doors from 1st April-30th September. The island will be open almost daily (weather dependant) and the boat trip has full commentary and will offer you fabulous views of the island including the stunning west cliffs. The trip will take approximately one hour with up to three hours on the island to explore every nook and cranny.  Check out the various private boat companies which operate trips to the island:

Licenced Boat Operators 2023

May Princess (depart from Anstruther):

Osprey rib (depart from Anstruther)

Seabird Centre rib (departs from North Berwick):

Bluewild rib (departs from Dunbar):

Experience the feeling of being inside a puffin snow globe. In spring, we welcome the return of over 40,000 pairs of Puffins from the open sea where they have been since the previous August. Birds bond for life and will use the same underground nest burrow so watch out for adults ‘spring cleaning’ and pair bonding.

Walk in the footsteps of the famous Robert Stevenson, the engineer who designed and built the impressive main lighthouse on the island in 1816. Climb to the highest point of the island to gain free entry to the lighthouse (weekends only) and enjoy the story of this magnificent building.

So there you have a few reasons and plenty more to follow…

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