Back in Action!

Wednesday 1st March comments: Back in action! Welcome back to a new season and although we have not officially started, it has been all go. This week we are on the Isle of May preparing for the new season which will start at the end of the month.

March is always a big month in the calendar as it’s the month we move back on, prepare and open the island for visitors on 1st April. Just as important, it’s the month which will see the return of thousands of seabirds including Puffins but more on that later.

At present we are back on as we are cleaning, preparing and checking the island and the accommodation ready for a new season. The buildings have been dormant since last November so they need a good clean whilst various safety checks from water, gas and electricity all need to be serviced and ready for another crazy season ahead. So it’s been all go and we are glad to report things are looking good and we can’t wait.

So now it’s March, expect plenty of updates as the countdown is on. Are you ready? Have you booked a visit? It’s going to be epic…

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