Floodgates Open

Friday 28th April comments: We can all agree that it has been a cold spell of recent as the easterly airflow has dominated, trapping the Jetstream to the south resulting in cold temperatures on a daily basis. As a result bird migration has been slow, as we’ve been struggling to find summer migrants and yesterday we actually witnessed two Sand Martin leave the Fife coast, head south over the island and away south; getting away from the chilly conditions.

However today that all changed. The wind eased and the sun started to shine and as a result birds started arriving. A good scattering of warblers including Willow Warblers and Chiffchaffs were backed by two Blackcaps, two Lesser Whitethroats and three Whitethroats; all summer migrants heading north. Other birds from the south included a Yellow Wagtail, 15 + Wheatear and a Common Sandpiper amongst others. It was certainly a step in the right direction and feels like spring has finally arrived. Interestingly as we welcomed all these birds there was a reminder of winter as both Fieldfare and Redwing were recorded; both these species are heading back north to breed in Scandinavia.

The Isle of May is never dull and we look forward to bringing you more news over the weekend as the seabird breeding season continues and bird migration notches up a gear.  

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