Hoopoe Surprise!

Thursday 4th May comments: It’s been another cold spell on the Isle of May but this did not stop the excitement as this afternoon we welcomed a very exotic visitor; a Hoopoe! This majestic bird was discovered feeding amongst puffin burrows on the north end of the island before relocating to the sheltered lighthouse area.  

The bird had arrived on the back of some south-easterly winds as sometimes Hoopoes ‘over-shoot’ continental Europe (where they breed) and end up in the UK. This unique visitor was feeding well late in the day and was

This represents the 16th record for the island the most recent birds being in April 2019, October 2015, April 2008 and May 2002. Bird migration has been slow to get going due to the biting cold winds but we certainly hit the jackpot today and now we hope for even more but with a little bit of sunshine (please).

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