Wednesday 24th May comments:  We’ve been expecting it and finally the news broke on Sunday that we have Puffin chicks! The first adult puffin was seen carrying fish in flight indicating that a chick had hatched across the Isle as a hungry mouth needed feeding.

Puffins incubate their single egg for 40 days so there is a suggestion the first egg date was around the 12th April. Since Sunday we have noticed several more adults flying in with sandeels suggesting more and more are hatching across the island. So from now on, Puffins will be full of busy as both adults will be fishing and bringing food back to hungry youngsters throughout the day regardless of weather.

Over the next few weeks mass hatching will occur across the Isle of May and the island will certainly feel a lot busier than recent times. Everything has been enjoying the chill time, but not any more, its Puffin chick season (and remember Puffin chicks are called Pufflings!)

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