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More than just seals

Though the seals dominate at this time of year there are still other things of interest. It might be mid-November but migration is still happening, birds are moving. Several hundred thrushes are across the island constantly moving and calling. Blackbirds, … Continue reading

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What are the Isle of May seabirds doing now?

Usually the first thing people want to know about regarding the island is what are the puffins doing and where can I see them (though I was asked about storm petrels today which made a pleasant change). Well the puffins … Continue reading

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In praise of shags

Shags have it tough on the Isle of May. Everyone wants to see the puffins with their comical looks, multicoloured bills, orange feet and big fan club. So a black bird with a funny name and that is usually mistaken … Continue reading

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Listening in – the sounds of the May

The Isle of May is a remarkably quiet peaceful place and visitors and inhabitants are recognise this frequently. So with the thick fog early this morning making it difficult to see you hand in front of your face the sounds … Continue reading

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How did the puffin get its name?

The other day I got to wondering… how did the puffin get its name? So one wet day I spent half an hour or so scouring the internet, trying to find the origins for the names of some of the … Continue reading

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Home is where the ….paintbrush is?

Everyone loves puffins, but what about the other birds on the island? Each species has a unique set of characteristics that give it a charm of its own. The tough little razorbills look like bouncers at a nightclub, whilst the … Continue reading

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