It might not look much but this a freshly hatched Storm Petrel chick on the Isle of May

Wednesday 4th August comments: STORM PETREL CHICK! Today we can reveal the exciting news that we have discovered our first ever Storm Petrel chick on the Isle of May having confirmed breeding late last month.

A combination of thermal image cameras and the use of an endoscope has revealed the exciting moment that we have a chick on the island. Looking at the short video clip above (sorry for the poor quality) but you can see the small bundle of grey fluff beside fragments of its egg shell suggesting it has hatched in the last 24 hours. This exciting news confirms further that Storm Petrels are actively nesting on the island. The current search has revealed three pairs (two with chicks) but we are confident there are even more to find.

As we gather more help (big thanks to Harry Urquhart for his thermal image camera expertise), we are continuing to build a picture of this very special species. We’ll continue working with them and have further plans to hopefully locate more. It’s never dull on the Isle of May…

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